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Wind Turbine Controls

Halus offers the industry’s most advanced after-market controller for fixed-pitch wind turbines.  Unlike our competitors’ PLC-based controllers which use off-the-shelf generic PLC’s designed for use in a wide variety of industrial control systems, our new controllers have been designed specifically for stall-regulated wind turbines.  As a result, they offer more functionality, a streamlined design, and easier trouble-shooting than a PLC-based controller.  These controllers are available for our remanufactured wind turbines, as well as for existing wind farms wishing to upgrade or reduce high servicing costs of existing relay-based controllers.

Controller Features

  • Advanced soft-start motor control with user-definable thyristor trigger angle and cut-in slope
  • Automatic motor start support for two-generator designs, common on many wind turbines
  • Power factor control including user-definable delay for capacitor connection and capacitor discharging time
  • User-definable grid frequency, voltage, and current ranges
  • Remote monitoring and control system (similar to SCADA systems used by wind farm operators)
  • Optional relay protection system to meet utility interconnection IEEE standards
  • Pre-mounted on galvanized steel stand to minimize labor time in the field

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