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Wind Turbines

pix 01Halus Power Systems offers remanufactured Vestas wind turbines, almost exclusively.  Vestas is the largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world and the only major Danish pioneer wind turbine manufacturer still in business.  Although the turbine models that we offer have not been manufactured by Vestas for a number of years, Vestas still sells new parts for these units, which makes ongoing operations and maintenance easier than for other manufacturers no longer in business.  Vestas started mass producing wind turbines in the mid 1980’s with a 55 kW model.  Thousands of Vestas turbines were installed in California in the 1980’s and most of these turbines are still operational today.  Many more thousands of units have been installed throughout the USA and Vestas has installed over 52,000 units to date, worldwide.

Rebuilding Process

pix 01As the leading provider of remanufactured wind turbines in the nation our processes are second to none with respect to rebuilding wind turbines.  It is important to note there are other firms which supply used or reconditioned wind turbines and to briefly touch on major differences regarding level of work to the turbines.  A reconditioned wind turbine may only have a few (or no) new parts added to the unit.  It could have a minimal level of work done such as fluid changes (hydraulic and transmission) and a brief visual inspection.  Halus Power Systems has an extensive remanufacturing process.  There is no mechanical part on the turbine, including the transmission, that is not fully disassembled and rebuilt.  Each wind turbine completed by our shop has hundreds of new parts installed during the remanufacturing process.  We purchase many new parts from Vestas directly, which ensures the original manufacturer specifications are met.  We also have in-house machining and heavy fabrication for custom parts manufacturing.

Turbine Features & Customizations

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New Microprocessor-based Controllers

Halus offers the industry’s most advanced after-market controller for fixed-pitch wind turbines.  Unlike our competitors’ PLC-based controllers which use off-the-shelf generic PLC’s designed for use in a wide variety of industrial control systems, our new controllers have been designed More...

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Remote Monitoring

Halus offers remote monitoring and control of our turbine models, which allows the customer to access the turbine on their network.  Some of the available remote functions are: monitoring of voltage, current, power, energy, frequency, windspeed, generator and rotor rpm, temperature, and system status, modification of controller limits, sending commands to the turbine, reading and resetting the error list, and generating power curves.  Availability of functions varies by turbine model.

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Cold Weather Options

Halus offers customizations for turbines installed in cold climates such as: heaters controlled by digital temperature controllers with network connectivity options, extra insulation of components, and application of black coatings to absorb more heat.

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Multiple Tower Options

Halus offers numerous tower options, including: tubular, lattice, tower extensions, and custom color.

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Crane-less Installations

For remote locations, where turbine erection by crane is not possible, Halus can offer tilt-up installation.  This option is not available on all of our turbine models.

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Custom Color & Logo Application

Halus offers application of customer logos on the nacelle cover of the turbine or the tower.  The logos are high-quality outdoor vinyl stickers that will last for many years.

Turbine Models

We stock and rebuild the following turbines:

  • Vestas V17 90k kW
  • Vestas V19 108 kW
  • Vestas V20 120 kW
  • Vestas V27 225 kW
  • Vestas V39 500 kW
  • Vestas V44 600 kW

For more details on the above models, see turbine specifications here.  Other turbine models are available on a limited basis.  We may be able to adjust the power output of some models to meet your utility net-metering requirements.  Please contact Sales for more information.

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