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Wind Data Logger

Met tower installation with Hero Data
Logger in Haines, Alaska.  Photo courtesy
Rich Stromberg of Alaska Energy Authority.

Our new Hero Data Logger offers significant savings for small- and medium-sized wind projects, where the conventional 15-plus channel data loggers would be a costly, overkill solution.  Wind farm developers commonly use turbines in the two to three megawatt range and require very tall meteorological (met) with many levels of sensors. Up until now, small- or medium-sized projects had to either use these expensive loggers and get more data than they actually needed, or use basic weather station type loggers that are not specifically designed to interface with the industry-standard sensors and don't collect the appropriate data for a comprehensive wind assessment.  Finally…a data logger specifically designed for small- and medium-sized wind projects, and not a multi-megawatt wind farm!

In 2014, the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) issued a Request for Proposal for an affordable wind data logger tailored to remote, small and medium Alaskan village wind projects.  Some of the requirements were that the data logger would allow direct connection of industry-standard wind sensors (without extra interfaces required); would provide specific parameters to develop a thorough wind resource assessment; and would be affordable for small- and medium-sized projects.

Halus Power Systems was awarded the contract to design and build the logger to the rigorous AEA requirements.  The original Hero Data Logger was designed for the demanding environment of remote communities in the state of Alaska, and the current Hero Data Logger continues to improve upon its original robust, reliable, and rugged design.

Hero Data Logger installation at strawberry
farm in Central California.

The Hero Data Logger is a five-channel data logger, designed specifically for wind resource assessment for small- to medium-sized projects, such as distributed generation, micro grid, and community wind projects.    The included sensor interface allows direct connection of up to three industry-standard AC signal anemometers, such as the popular #40C anemometer, and one 360 degrees potentiometer wind vane, such as the #200P direction vane.  The logger takes readings from the wind sensors and the internal temperature sensor, and logs the data conveniently onto an SD card at one-minute intervals. The logger is enclosed in a weatherproof enclosure, and runs on readily-available D batteries for up to a year.  More information about the Hero Data Logger and the Technical Specification can be found here.

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Hero Data Logger

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